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NGP Pack

Logistics (3PL)

Logistics (3PL)

In order to improve the competitiveness and business capability of our customers, we have designed and provide complete logistics services (3PL).

Taking advantage of the size of our installations and equipment, we have the capability of immediately responding to each order, combining goods management services for our customers in the following sectors:

• Storage of unformed sheets

• Cardboard box formation

• Storage of formed boxes and

• Transport to our customer's base.

Also, with the know how that NGP PACK SA has, we also successfully provide logistics services to packaging material transporters, such as INFIA HELLAS SA, for which we provide the services both from its main Italian supplier INFIA srl and to its customers, with procedures covering orders, invoicing, storage, product distribution and acceptance of claims resulting from them.

For this purpose, the company possesses the following equipment:

• Indoor industrial space of 13,500 m2,

• DRIVE THROUGH pallet shelf system of 1,600 spaces

• Pallet shelves of 1,400 spaces,

• 11 forklift trucks,

• 16 trucks,

• Capacity of 190,000 cardboard boxes per shift and

• 3 service points all over Greece.

Our specialised personnel is able to make arrangements with customers for the management of unformed or formed cardboard box stocks, as well as other packaging materials (punnets etc) in sufficient quantities to satisfy the minimum time for each order, while out production will immediately cover the stock awaiting the next order.

Then, our production can immediately cover the stock awaiting the next order.

At NGP PACK SA, we have created the infrastructure, we have trained the staff and set up partnerships with major companies such as CHAITOGLOU - CHARTEL ABEE, in order to efficiently support our customers in their battle against time in managing the fresh products they distribute.

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