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Quality Control

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Cardboard box qualities

Cardboard box qualities

The quality of the cardboard box is defined by the combination of the quality of the paper from which it is made and the way in which it is structured.

With the combination of the paper and the thorough assessments in the excellently equipped quality control laboratory of NGP PACK SA or the laboratories of our selected suppliers, we find the resistance required for each type of cardboard box, we take into consideration the actual conditions and make the right forecasts so that the product it contains is protected.

The cardboard boxes are made of cardboard which, if appropriate, is made of corrugated paper contained within further sheets of paper.

There are three categories of corrugation of the interior paper:

All cardboard boxes produced by our company are made from 5 sheets of paper and the combination of corrugation is selected according to the specifications of the product for which it will be used.

Some of the assessments carried out both in our laboratory (final cardboard box product) and in the laboratories of our suppliers (basic paper material) in order to select the right quality are:

• ETC- edge crush test

• BCT- box compression test

• RTC- ring crush test

• FTC- flat crush test

• Bursting strength

• Cobb test

Also, the cardboard boxes can bear printing of excellent quality on their surface, which conforms to the continually increasing needs in demonstrating the commercial image of our customers.

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