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NGP Pack

Cardboard box printing

Cardboard box printing

"Flexo" printing

In order to support the continually increasing needs in demonstrating the commercial image of its customers, NGP PACK SA prepares the cardboard boxes and works with suppliers specialised in the new printing method "Flexography" in order to provide excellent quality in printing on their surface.

"Flexography", often called "Flexo", is a printing method most commonly used for packaging (cardboard boxes, labels, tape, sacks, boxes, bags, flexible plastics, etc).

It has many advantages compared to other printing methods, in the sense that it can be successfully applied on a range of different materials.

Also, due to the quality of the inks used, faster drying rates can be achieved and therefore bigger productivity during printing, resulting in a reduction in printing costs.

Advantages of FLEXO PRINTING

  • Printing suitable for applications in food packaging
  • Fast speed of production (increased productivity)
  • Achieves full coverage and homogeneous colour tines throughout the print range
  • Reduced production costs due to increased productivity and lower costs if materials (printing plate)


  • With higher analysis printing, better printing quality is achieved both in text and photographic subjects (OFFSET simulation)
  • Possibility of printing on veneer (glossy) paper
  • Possibility of coverage with varnish aster printing
  • High level of flexibility in the easy and fast creation of printing plates
  • Low production cost
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